Residents Bowl kicks off today

New and returning international societies vie for bowl champion.


The AUA is bringing the fun-filled Residents Bowl competition to Chicago today with teams from around the country—and participants from around the world. Organized by the AUA Residents & Fellows Committee, this year’s games will be moderated by Drs. Gary Faerber (Duke University Medical Center) and Bradley F. Schwartz (Southern Illinois University).

Amanda Burns, member engagement and marketing specialist with the AUA and coordinator of the competition, said the 10th annual event will feature participants from eight AUA Sections based in the U.S., and each team will include a participant from one of eight participating international society partners. 

This year, the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand has returned to the competition with a delegate from New Zealand, and the Sociedad Colombiana de Urología will be sending someone to compete for the first time.

“Each of the Section teams is assigned an international participant,” Burns said. “I think for these international trainees it is a real honor to represent their country and their region.”

Other participating countries include Brazil, Egypt, India, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. 

The eight teams will compete by answering questions in front of a live audience, quiz-style. Questions cover a wide range of topics including urological subspecialties, the history of urology and new findings in research. There are also bonus questions, lifelines and passes built into the games to make them even more interactive.

This year’s teams are: 

  • Fournier’s Gang from the Mid-Atlantic Section 
  • Good Will Shunting from the New England Section
  • Transurethral Residents of NY (TURNY) from the New York Section
  • Eggplant Deformity from the North Central Section
  • Win By A Vas Deferens from the Northeastern Section
  • Golden Rocket from the South Central Section
  • SES 20cm x2 3cmRTE from the Southeastern Section
  • Phallic Philosophers from the Western Section

Samuel Ivan, MD, PGY-4 urology resident at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, is part of the Southeastern Section team this year and also serves as the Southeastern Section representative to the AUA Residents & Fellows Committee. Dr. Ivan said he is grateful for the opportunity to represent his Section this year. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to build relationships with urology trainees from across my Section, the country and the world,” he said. “None of us can resist a good competition and what better way to compete than with some urology trivia and history! Plus [as part of the audience] you can cheer on your Section and see if you can come up with some answers yourself.”

The preliminary rounds of the competition kick off today from 1 to 2 p.m. and 3 to 4 p.m. in the Residents Pavilion, Booth 3203 in the Science & Technology Hall. The semifinals will take place with the four remaining teams from 1 to 2 p.m. tomorrow. The final two teams will square off to decide the ultimate winner at 1 p.m. on Sunday. 

The Residents Pavilion is supported in part by Janssen.  

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