Up for debate

Experts offered an exchange of ideas in an effort to elevate patient outcomes.

Kymora Scotland, MD, PhD, and Justin Friedlander, MD
Kymora Scotland, MD, PhD, and Justin Friedlander, MD

Urological experts don’t always agree on the best treatment approaches. These sessions offered healthy debates about best practices and patient protocols.

Do urologists really need stone analysis and metabolic urine testing? That was the question posed at Saturday afternoon’s Crossfire: Controversies in Urology Debate: “Do We Really Need Stone Analysis and Metabolic Urine Testing?” Debaters presented the pros and cons, including cost, preventing recurrence and better stone management.

Two sessions explored the role of telemedicine in urology. “Point-Counterpoint Debate: Telemedicine in Reproductive Urology” and “Crossfire: Clinical Controversies in Urology Debate: Telemedicine Is Good for Patients and Providers in Sexual Medicine” debated whether telemedicine has a place in urology in the post-pandemic era.

Focal Ablation versus Active Surveillance in a 65M with GGG2, MRI Concordant Unilateral Prostate Cancer,” debated a topic that is on every urologist’s mind right now: where focal ablation fits with low- and intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients who would otherwise be considering active surveillance.


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